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Date: Jul 5, 2024

Location: Biel, Bern, Switzerland, 2555

Company: CEMEX

Job Description

Ensure global operative coordination​. Support the applied product development, guarantee know-how and technology transfer globally. Train and develop local skills. Supervise and provide guidance to local admixtures labs.​

Relevant information:

*Relocation bonus can be provided. 

*For applicants outside of European Union or Switzerland, the employer (Cemex) would have to go through the process of requesting the work permit, that takes in average six months. 

Main Responsibilities

  • Functionally coordinate (indirect hierarchy) local lab functions
  • Coordination in the planning of local laboratory activities, and in the preparation of development plans for local laboratories (resources/equipment), in coordination with G-RD and local Operations
  • Definition, in collaboration with G-RD, of the procedures and guarantee flow of information between central and local operations
  • Train the personnel of the local labs through the planning of training activities to be provided locally, and the monitoring of the development of local skills
  • Carry out regular audits of the local labs and assist the local lab Managers in defining actions which can help in achieving performance objectives and boost performance standards
  • Collaborate with G-RD in product design development activities, ensuring the know-how and technology transfer
  • Provide support for the purchase of equipment or accessories and for the maintenance of quality procedures
  • Keep frequent contact with the local labs to resolve issues

Position Challenges

  • People and local lab development, without a direct hierarchical reporting (managing by influence)
  • New role in the company, needs time to be accepted


  • Languages: English (Advanced Level), Spanish (Preferred)
  • Academic Background: Chemistry or similar (pref. master’s degree).
  • Areas of expertise (10+ years):
    • Product development
    • Admixtures industrial expertise
  • Technical Skills required by role.
    • Analytical and planning skills
    • Project Management skills
    • Creativity
    • Advanced MS Office tools knowledge.
  • Soft Skills
    • Integrity: honesty
    • Commitment: hard worker striving for excellence, committed to CEMEX objectives, tolerance to stress
    • Maturity: responsible, autonomy, self-confidence and assertiveness 
    • Flexibility: high adaptability to different situations and people
    • People management, teamwork

Internal/External Relations


  • Company management, R&D, Regional Operations and labs, Global Sourcing, Product Managers


Consultants, providers

CEMEX Diversity and Inclusion Statement

At CEMEX, we recognize the diversity of the world in which we live and in which we do business. We respect diversity, we address the inclusion and non-discrimination of any talented person, regardless of gender, physical ability, age, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, marital status, pregnancy / maternity / paternity, and nationality. We promote a culture of equity for the construction of a sustainable business and the well-being and development of CEMEX employees.

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