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Date: May 16, 2022

Location: Madrid, Madrid, Spain, 2555

Company: CEMEX

Job Description

The role will be responsible for the design, conduct and develop of technological projects related to the production of cementitious material processes, aiming to improve the efficiency of the different process and operations unit.

The role is key for leading on the identification and researching of current and new technologies that can be developed and adopted to the cement production process.

Main Responsibilities

  • Coordinate and run the execution of technology assessment initiatives originated by organization requests emerged from technology evolution drives.
  • Track all developments in the field of novel processing technologies as well to assess maturity, risks, and opportunities.
  • Map out all operations and evaluate the technical-economical feasibility for pyro-process and derived energy-use initiatives to ensure prioritization in allocation resources.
  • Process Modeling for clear understanding on major modifications in the process.
  • Assessment of novel technologies to detect opportunities and replication.
  • Coordinate all activities related to design with Project Team to assure a successful implementation according to specifications and budget.

Position Challenges

  1. Research, develop and make projects related to meet the company´s commitments related to energy consumption.
  2. Prioritize novel technologies to be developed and adopted to the cement production process.
  3. Develop relations with mainstream suppliers of emergent technologies information and equipment.


Master degree and Bachelor's degree in Engineering, Chemistry, Materials Sciences, Ceramics, Technology Management. 

PC program knowledge such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access, CFD Modeling.

Fluid Spanish and English. Desirable German, French. 

+7 years of experience in Technology Management, combustion process. 

7 - 10 years in chemical industry, ceramics and materials processing

5 - 7 years in research of materials, inorganic and organic chemistry processing

Technical Knowledge

  • Deep understanding of emergent and novel techniques for the processing and production of cementitious materials
  • Deep knowledge of emergent regulatory and technological trends with cement production design

Strategic and Analytical thinking

  • Structured, analytical, being capable of detecting relevant facts for building technology assessments and evaluations.
  • Problem solving oriented

Interpersonal skills

Consulting, leading, innovative, self-driven, team player, communication skills, emphatic, practical, urgency sense, well organized, articulated, methodological.

Internal/External Relations

INTERNAL: Operations  Managers, Production Process Development Specialists, Legal Advisors, GOT and Regional Project Managers Teams., IP & IA Management, VPTP, Planning Central, R&D.

EXTERNAL: R&D External Networks, CONACYT, National Science Foundation US, Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, VDZ, Equipment Suppliers.