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Date: Dec 1, 2023

Location: Brügg B. Biel, BE, CH, 2555

Company: CEMEX

Job Description

Plan, manage and control the mortar R&D activities aligned with the company priorities and lead the product implementation to support CEMEX Urban Solution business.

Main Responsibilities

  • Lead and coordinate all the mortar R&D projects supporting the company priorities and operational needs.
  • Define technological agenda of the CEMEX mortar business
  • Ensure implementation of the latest mortar technologies and solutions
  • Manage and implement state-of-the-art methods and laboratory techniques required for the evaluation of new formulation of mortar, grout adhesive, render materials
  • Participate in the business case analysis of any expansion or integration project of the CEMEX mortar Business
  • Plan and conduct continuous evaluation of new/alternative raw materials to improve products and ensure CEMEX’s competitive advantage
  • Coordinate validation and certification of new products according to required norms and standards
  • Manage the strategic collaborations with external raw materials suppliers to identify or co-develop, and secure, new sources
  • Plan and execute benchmarks of available products on the market to monitor competition and new technologies.
  • Supervise and participate in internal and external committees to ensure and determine the evolution of norms and standards in the mortar business.

Position Challenges

  • Working in a multidisciplinary environment, keeping up and switch between different tasks and projects, communicate with other areas


  • Bachelor’s Degree in science / Engineering; preferably in chemistry or building/construction
  • Master’s Degree preferred in chemistry
  • 100% English proficient. Spanish a clear advantage
  • 8-10 years of experience in formulating products like tile adhesives and grouts, self-leveling-compounds, mortars, etc.
  • 5+ years of experience in Project Leadership and Technical Support; preferably experience in management position.

Internal/External Relations

INTERNAL: Manager of other Product Development areas , Technical Director in CEMEX operations.

EXTERNAL: Raw material suppliers, external laboratories, certification entities, commercial partners, and associations

CEMEX Diversity and Inclusion Statement

At CEMEX, we recognize the diversity of the world in which we live and in which we do business. We respect diversity, we address the inclusion and non-discrimination of any talented person, regardless of gender, physical ability, age, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, marital status, pregnancy / maternity / paternity and nationality. We promote a culture of equity for the construction of a sustainable business and the well-being and development of CEMEX employees.

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