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Date: Mar 15, 2023

Location: Brügg B. Biel, BE, CH, 2555

Company: CEMEX

Job Title

Building product researcher  

Job Description

Plan and coordinate new developments and industrialization of concrete products and construction systems in the  Global R&D to ensure CEMEX remains at the forefront of concrete technologies and increase profitability

Main Responsibilities (Max 2500 characters)

  • Participate in the development of new f products/solutions in the concrete products category which comprises blocks, precast elements (shear and partition walls, foundations, beams, columns…) or hybrid system including other materials wood, steel, insulation … and concrete structure
  • Coordinate industrialization and implementation of new solutions
  • Manage and plan assigned R&D projects
  • Train and share knowledge with the rest of the company on concrete products and engineered construction solutions
  • Establish network with key external labs, research centers, and universities
  • Plan activities, coordinate resources and prioritize tasks within a portfolio of multiple projects
  • Lead and train operators and concrete technicians
  • Generate new intangibles and strength CEMEX know-how

Position Challenges

  • Manage R&D projects’ deadlines and operation’s expectations
  • Coordinate internal requests for concrete testing and development
  • Ensure effective communication within the R&D team
  • Train and motivate internal operators/technician

Internal Relations

  • Managers and researchers from other R&D areas
  • CEMEX laboratories
  • Technical and Operation Managers at CEMEX’s Concrete and Admixtures operations

External Relations

  • Raw materials and equipment suppliers
  • Research centers, Universities
  • 3rd  party customers, engineers, architects

Position Requirements:

Language Proficiency

  • Written and spoken English any other languages Spanish, German, French is an advantage

Academic Background

  • Engineer, Master’s degree, or PhD in material science is required

 Areas of expertise

  • Technical knowledge in precast and concrete technology, in precast production, and testing expertise in this field is required
  •  Admixture, cement/mortar technology knowledge is an advantage

Technical Skills

  •  3-5 years of experiences in Precast or R&D laboratories

Soft Skills

  • Open mind, creativity, and ability to work in R&D environment
  • Organized, self-sufficient, independent, and hard working