Procurement Advisor BB & GY

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Date: Sep 21, 2023

Location: Checker Hall, St. Lucy, BB, 0000

Company: CEMEX

Job Description

The Procurement Advisor Responsible Barbados & Guyana is responsible for the commercial and contractual strategy on the negotiation of goods and services in the Caribbean (Barbados and Guyana). The responsible should ensure operation continuity through successful negotiations assuring quality and supply timely of goods and services and mange of inventories, achieving capitalize the best market alternatives getting vendors with the highest quality and service standards ensuring fulfillment negotiation policies.


Main Responsibilities

  • Safety
    • Complies with the Company’s Global Health & Safety Policies to ensure zero accidents or incidents;
    • Promotes and manages safety within the Procurement Department
  • Manage Procurement Department in Barbados and Guyana
  • Purchase requisition control
    • Assign and monitor the processing of all requisitions and follow up on the progress of the negotiations; Follow up with other  negotiators/ Buyers on the status of the procurement actions for each requisition.
    • Purchase order control
    • Performs follow up with suppliers (local and foreign) to ensure that the promised delivery times are met.
    • Evaluates and analyzes the proposals from suppliers and makes recommendations for supply agreements.
    • Ensure preparation of comparative analyses and justifications are attached to purchase orders before routing same for approval in accordance with Company policies.
    • Management of open purchase orders on a regular basis to ensure that goods are received on time and that purchase orders are not open without activity for more than 6 months.
  • Management information
    • Communicate the status for Purchase orders and negotiations to requisitioners/ departments through maintain and update the relevant information in the procurement database.
    • Prepares monthly reports on the performance of the purchasing department and on procurement objectives.
  • Supplier relationship management
    • Ensure payment supplier payment terms are in accordance with the company’s payment terms policy.
    • Request and follow up with suppliers for corrective actions related to non-confirming products, late delivery or to hold suppliers to stated conditions within supply agreements or purchase orders.
    • Ensure that supplier evaluations are carried out in alignment with the organization’s quality policies (ISO 9001 for example).
  • Negotiations
    • Negotiates supply agreements with suppliers for provision of goods and services in alignment with the company objectives, ensuring annual targets are met, and monitor and report accordingly monthly as required.
    • Prepares an annual negotiation plan and reports on savings and benefits achieved.
    • Liaises with Global and regional counterparts to ensure that the business unit participates in global and regional supply negotiations and agreements.
    • Searches for alternative suppliers to improve the options available to the organization.
  • Policies & Procedures
    • Complies with Company’s Code of Ethics
    • Complies with the Company’s Global Procurement Policy
  • External Agencies
    • Liaison with External agencies Customs, Port Authority, Shipping Agencies etc. as it relates to imports and timely delivery of shipments to the company.
  • Inventory Management
    • Ensure proper warehouse management in according with Company’s procurement policies.
    • Monitor and ensure the appropriate level of working capital (Inventories).
  • Perform any other job-related functions as required.


Position Challenges

  • Guarantee the provision of goods and services for continuity in the Company's processes.


  • Bachelor's Degree in Business Management (Administration, Marketing) and or Engineering (Industrial, Mechanical or Electrical)
  • Master's Degree and or MBA (desirable)
  • 4-5 years experience in industrial procurement experience related to supply chain strategy and services negotiations
  • Oral and written communication abilities in order to prepare and communicate information to upper management of the organization.


Internal/External Relations

The candidate will interact internally with Managers, coordinators,employees and exteranl sub contractors from all areas. Externally, they will be required to liaison with customers, suppliers and government to negotiate and arrange for supply of product.