Area Sales Manager - Iloilo

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Date: Mar 2, 2023

Location: Iloilo City, Visayas, PH, 5000

Company: CEMEX

Job Description


Promote and sell cement and other products that may be offered by CEMEX

Sell at prices approved per client type

Communicate, implement and support sales and marketing programs

Communicate special programs that focus on promoting specific/new products or services

Provide feedback to management on all sales and marketing programs

Coordinate and/or prepare and conduct client training and  educational seminars;  participate in all client training programs

Communicate company policies and standard operating procedures

Continually learn new product knowledge and acquire better selling skills

Advise clients on market conditions, industry trends and competitive information

Build and nurture long term customer relationships

Provide clients  with sound business advice on retailing management (e.g. inventory control, warehouse management, forecasting, etc.)

Handle and resolve problems and complaints; Folllow up on back orders


SALES PLANNING & FORECASTING                                                                     

Identify target accounts   based on present and  potential sales revenues, profits, cost to sell and service, and probability of success

Prepare three month moving sales forecasts and monthly sales targets per product and per client; forecasts and targets must be in line with clients'  sales forecasts/targets

Manage growth  - open new accounts and drop problem accounts

Conduct sales and market analysis and recommend action plans to management


ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE MANAGEMENT                                                            

Manage and maintain accounts receivables in compliance with objectives (e.g. DSO, Sales Turnover, Cash to Credit Sales Ratio, etc.)

Complete/update  and submit credit evaluation forms in a timely manner

Collect receivables and overdue accounts; prepare collection letters, if necessary

Prepare legal folders for delinquent accounts

Keep abreast of client's business condition and future plans in anticipation of changes in credit worthiness



Keep abreast of market conditions and industry trends that may affect your territory

Keep abreast of competition, competitive issues, products, and markets

Communicate competitive information to management in a timely manner

Conduct formal and informal customer surveys

Provide customer feedback to management


TIME MANAGEMENT & SELF ORGANIZTION                                                       

Allocate time and call frequency based on present and   potential sales revenues, profits, cost to sell and service, and probability of success

Make the appropriate number of calls to service target accounts

Make at least 50 quality sales calls each week on targeted clients and prospective accounts

Work a 40-hour, five day week

Optimize use of  computers and cellular phones

Maximize % of time in front of the customer

Minimize travel time.

Call on accounts in clusters; work on one section of territory each day

Promote the use of the Service Center and e-Selling tool

Plan each day, week and month; Plan each call

Keep sales aids in mint condition

Dress neatly; Maintain a neat automobile

Present a professional image

After each call, fill in your daily planner/call report



Maintain customer profiles and customer files

Submit the following in a timely manner: daily planner/call reports, sales plans, forecasts and reports

Attend and participate in sales meetings and product orientations/seminars

Use information technology to save time

Comply with all company policies and operate within the expense budget

Prepare written presentations and reports



Work with, develop positive relationships with, communicate with, and coordinate activities with other employees in marketing, customer service, logistics, credit, finance, operations and human resources.

Communicate effectively; cooperate with your fellow area sales managers and management


Job Specification

  • 3 Relevant Experience in business-to-business or construction industry sales
  • Bachelor (degree)