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Date: May 12, 2022

Location: Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico, 64100

Company: CEMEX

Job Description

Lead the definition and implementation of the global digital marketing strategy to achieve new supply alternatives at a global level. Coordinating the different digital channels available in each market aligned with the company's communications strategy.


Main Responsibilities

  • Design and implementation of digital marketing strategy, focused on the search for new suppliers (globally)
  • Manage the publication of events (negotiations) through social networks and web platforms
  • Evaluation of channels and digital KPIs (performance and effectiveness of different channels / platforms)
  • Alignment of the digital procurement communication strategy with the Cemex corporate communication strategy
  • Coordination with communications and public affairs and third-party marketing agencies (communication strategy)


Position Challenges

  • Guarantee the adoption of new channels for the search and closing of negotiations with suppliers.
  • Define the appropriate and efficient channels to implement negotiations through digital channels in each of the markets where the company operates globally.
  • Global coordination whit internal procurement teams.



Fluent in Spanish and English.

Bachelor's degree in Finance, Communications, Economics, Telecommunications, Administration or related. Master desirable. 

PC programs such as Word, Excel, and Power Point.

+ 8 years of experience in Marketing

+ 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing

+3 years of experience in Social Network – Community Manager, previous experience working with multidisciplinary teams.


Technical skills:

1.   Strong knowledge in Innovation strategies

2.   Deep knowledge in communication tools and strategies

3.   Digital Marketing

4.   Social Network – Community administration strategies


Soft skills:

1.     Leads and facilitates change and actively promote key activities and initiatives

2.     Ability to implement strategies and actions through persuasion and convincing

3.     Can deal effectively with people who hold opposing views, tolerates conflicts

4.     Drives innovative, out of the box thinking

5.     Clear and effective writing and verbal skills


Internal/External Relations

INTERNAL: EVP Sustainability, Commercial and Operations Development, Global Supply Chain VP, Central and Regional communication Team, Regional and Country Procurement Heads, Global Procurement Negotiators, Global and Regional Compliance and Global Procurement Center of Excellence.

EXTERNAL: Third-Party marketing agencies and Suppliers