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Date: Jan 27, 2023

Location: Monterrey, NLE, MX, 64520

Company: CEMEX

Job Description

Perform & Facilitate all financial related items defined and set forth by the Master Professional Services Agreement (MPSA) signed between CEMEX and Outsourcing Service Providers in order to ensure that CEMEX is compliant with all its contractual obligations and commitments from a financial standpoint.

Main Responsibilities

  • Coordinate the timely and correct implementation of contract changes with financial impact in the Pricing Exhibit of the Master Agreement between CEMEX and the Outsourcing Service Provider.
  • Ensure that the billing/payment process between CEMEX and the Provider is working and facilitate the mechanisms to address any potential issue in this process.
  • Follow-up of the Business Case by monitoring actual savings and comparing them to the projected savings from the Business Case.
  • Provide Finance Manager with relevant information about the financial aspects of the contract in order to facilitate their decision making process (ie. Changes in scope, delivery centers, rates, cost of living adjustments, etc.).
  • Develop good relations with Service Provider in order to create a proper business climate where issues between the parties to the agreement can be solved

Position Challenges

  • Analysis and explanation of the main variances of the actual performance of the project versus the Business Case.
  • Ensure fulfillment of CEMEX’s financial obligations as defined in the Master Agreement with the Service Provider.
  • Timely execution of CEMEX’s commitments, in order to avoid any potential breach of contract that could increase CEMEX’s exposure to fines or penalties


  • Advanced English
  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Finance, Accounting, Costs, Economy.
  • Advanced Excel Skills (manage big databases, elaborate reports, excel financial models), Powerpoint skills, Word Skills, Power BI knowledge.
  • Presentation Skills, Management, Communication skills.

Internal/External Relations


  • Taxes, GES, HR, Corporate Processes & IT, Corporate & Local Treasuries.



  • Outsourcing Service Providers (Finance Managers, Service Delivery and Consumption Advisor, Finance Advisors)

CEMEX Diversity and Inclusion Statement

At CEMEX, we recognize the diversity of the world in which we live and in which we do business. We respect diversity, we address the inclusion and non-discrimination of any talented person, regardless of gender, physical ability, age, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, marital status, pregnancy / maternity / paternity and nationality. We promote a culture of equity for the construction of a sustainable business and the well-being and development of CEMEX employees.