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Date: Dec 22, 2021

Location: Monterrey, NLE, MX, 64000

Company: CEMEX

Job Description

Develop and execute new product development on clinker, cement and binders technology working with the commercialization team to bring these products to the market.

Main Responsibilities

  • Plan and guide the development of research projects to develop innovative products with new functionalities and products that promote a reduction in CO2 emissions.
  • Foster collaboration and communication among the team and with internal peers to create synergies by using the corporate knowledge.
  • Promote and follow-up on the deployment of the developed products in the Operations.

Position Challenges

  1. Assertively and timely guide the development of the projects in line with the company priorities meeting deadlines and expectations.
  2. Coordinate effectively with different teams to maximize the results for the company.


Bachelor’s Degree in science, Chemistry, Chemical Eng., Materials Science. Masters or PhD preferred.

100% English proficient.

8-10 years in cement industry in Quality or R&D areas.

5+ years in Project Leadership and Technical Support; preferably in management position.

Technical Knowledge

Clínker, cement and hydration products chemistry.

Materials design and engineering.

Instrumental analysis techniques (XRF, XRD, SEM, FTIR, Isothermal Calorimetry, DTA/TG).

Strategic and Analytical thinking

Adaptable, flexible, detail-oriented, and innovative thinking.

Organized problem solver, able to prioritize effectively in a fast-paced environment.

Interpersonal skills

Good communication and writing skills.


Negotiation ability and demonstrated conflict resolution skills to foster collaboration between areas.

Internal/External Relations


  • Regions heads
  • Country heads
  • Technical, Operations, Planning, Marketing and Corporate
  • Operations in Cement and Ready-mix


  • Current and potential customers
  • Current and potential suppliers
  • Universities and Research Institutes

CEMEX Diversity and Inclusion Statement

At CEMEX, we recognize the diversity of the world in which we live and in which we do business. We respect diversity, we address the inclusion and non-discrimination of any talented person, regardless of gender, physical ability, age, sexual orientation, culture, ethnicity, religion, political affiliation, marital status, pregnancy / maternity / paternity, and nationality. We promote a culture of equity for the construction of a sustainable business and the well-being and development of CEMEX employees.