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Fecha: 3/09/2021

Ubicación: Dubai, Dubai, Emiratos Árabes Unidos, 66429

Empresa: CEMEX


Job Title

Trading Advisor for Middle East and Africa

Job Description

The purpose of this role is to represent CEMEX across the Middle East and Africa region, in markets where the Company has no local presence. This involves building and managing relationships with third party suppliers and customers of cement, clinker, primary fuels and other traded materials. The person is expected to identify, negotiate, and follow up on contracts to source materials for CEMEX operations worldwide. The person must also identify, negotiate, and follow up on contracts to perform pure trading activities, generating a margin for CEMEX. Finally, as the company’s main representative in the region, the person will be a key source of market intelligence for the identification or opportunities or threats to the Company.

Main Responsibilities

  • Meet regularly with existing customers / suppliers across the Middle East and Africa region to maintain the CEMEX Trading network. Identify new suppliers/customers to grow the network.
  • Understand the requirements of CEMEX business units worldwide, to identify opportunities to source materials from the Middle East.
  • Negotiate purchase contracts with suppliers, whether for CEMEX internal requirements or for third party customers. Negotiate sale contracts with third party customers.
  • Follow up day to day operations to ensure a smooth operational performance; resolving issues, claims or disputes with customers/suppliers; rescheduling shipments; ensuring timely collection of Accounts Receivable etc..
  • Generate market intelligence in markets where CEMEX has no local presence, with an aim to identify threats and/or opportunities for the Company.

Position Challenges

  • Typical problem: dealing with changes to agreed shipment schedules; legal compliance procedures
  • Complex problem: dealing with shipment cancellations, quality claims, resolving disputes
  • Long-range challenges: Initiating business relationships with new suppliers and/or customers

Internal Relations

  • Global Trading
  • Global Shipping
  • Corporate Legal
  • Local CX Operations (Egypt, UAE)

External Relations

  •  Export or Sales Manager / Director
  •  Procurement Manager or Director

Position Requirements:

  • Language Proficiency: 100% English, 50% Spanish, 80% French, 80% Arabic
  • Academic Background (ideal bachelor degrees and master degrees) Bachelor's Degree in Economy, Finance, Engineer, International Trade / International Business
  • At least 2-4 years experience of Trading or Commercial within an international context
  • Knowledge of PC programs: Word, Excel, Powerpoint
  • Willingness to travel is a must.
  • Emotional and cultural intelligence is important for interactions with customers and suppliers of different nationalities and from different organizational levels.
  • Strong negotiation and commercial skills.
  • Ability to tolerate a high degree of uncertainty and ambiguity.
  • Technical knowledge related to cement and clinker chemistry, Shipping, Trade Finance, Contract and Antitrust laws.
  • Organized in the documentation and reporting of operational information.
  • Ability to work openly in a remote team environment. A vast amount of coordination, information sharing and internal transfer of knowledge is needed.